How's Your Tires?

A Simple Check-up Can Keep You Safe


Like the rest of your car, tires need maintenance to deal with the road and to transport you and your passengers from one destination to the other as safely as possible. While on the road, tires pick up rocks, nails, and other debris, and run over plenty of potholes, road kill, and other miscellaneous items. Taking time out of your schedule at least once a month can help lessen your chances of a tire related incident while out on the road.

Regular Check-Ups

Once a month check-ups for tires is a good idea, but there are some other aspects that come in to play that may make you want to double check them. Events such as a cross-country road trip or a drastic change in weather are a good excuse to go and get your tires checked. Frequent check-ups will help keep you informed of your tire's performance and safety, and will allow you to know what you can and can't do while riding on your car's tires.

Help From An Expert

Tire centers are available to help maintain peak performance of your car's giant rubber circles. Some routine tire-maintenance issues to add to your car's maintenance schedule are rotation of the tires, weekly air pressure checks, and tire weight balancing. During research, we found one Evansville tire center that offers free tire inspections, tire rotations, air pressure checks, and brake inspections for their regular customers.

Simple DIY Maintenance

While going to a tire center and allowing professionals to take care of your car is advisable, there are a few home-remedies that can help give you a clue of what to look for. The easiest one, an air pressure test can simply be done by using an air pressure gauge. Checking for tread wear can be done using a simple coin trick called the Quarter Test which is basically measuring your tire's tread depth using Washington's face.

Keep 'Em Rolling

As durable as they are, tires need routine checks to make sure they are running at peak performance. Ensuring that they are in top condition eliminates the hassle of having to make an emergency call on the side of the road requesting a ride home or to the nearest auto repair shop. Taking good care of the tires that move your car will help maximize traction with the road, allowing you to make stops and turns safely.


Visual Inspection
Air Pressure Check
Tread Inspection
Tire Rotation
Tire Balancing